Marvi Memon and Pervaiz Malik negotiated Sheikh Waqas’ PML-N deal

By Raza Ruman
Islamabad, March 20 ( Marvi Memon and Pervaiz Malik has reportedly assured Shiekh Waqas Akram that he will be “rescued” in his fake degree case, thus paving the was for his joining the PML-N.
   Pervaiz Malik, a brother of former judge Qayyum Malik, has ensured that Waqas will not be disqualified on fake FA and BA degrees by the court.
   Marvi Memon, a close friend of Waqas, asked him not to consider the offer of PPP and join the PML-N as the Sharifs will not go into electroral alliance with Maulana Ahmed Ludhianvi and his party. Ludhianvi is fuming over Sharifs’ decsion to accept Waqas, his rival in Jhang. Ludhianvi in the past had supported the Sharifs and helped win a good number of national and provincial seats.
   Waqas who enjoyed benefits worth millions of rupees being part of the PML-Q during the last five years proves to be a ‘real time opportunist’. For five years he had been castigating Sharifs for ditching Muslim Leaguers but now he is all praise for them. All is fair in love and politics, believes Waqas. -Pak Destiny


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