Massacre of 132 schoolchildren: PCB and cricketers refuse to call off ODI just for “few bucks”

By Kiran Bokhari

Islamabad (Pak Destiny) What character of the nation the Pakistani cricketers and the Pakistan Cricket Board want to show to the world by not calling off today’s ODI match against New Zealand in UAE.
Neither the PCB nor Afridi-led Pakistani cricket team is feeling any shame in the face of brutal killing of 132 children by Taliban in Peshawar. These shameless characters even did not call off an ODI to express solidarity with the families of the victims. The whole country is feeling the pain and under intense sorrow and grief as every family has lost their children. But what character of the nation we0 will show by this gesture.
The PBC which turns out be a shameless body refused to call off the game in UAE just to save “a few bucks”. Even Commentator Rameez Raja shamelessly continued with his job for a few bucks. An American ambassador about 20 years ago had said that some Pakistani could sell their mother for even few dollars. Seeing the attitude of these kind of people one compels o believes this.
Had this tragedy took place in any part of the world no cultural or sports activity could be have been held for at least for three days of mourning. Will Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif who announced three day-mourning will teach a lesson to the PCB for allowing the ODI in UAE despite we are in a state of shock?
Even this shameless PCB and Pakistani cricket team earlier had called off a full day play of Test with New Zealand in UAE when Australian cricketer Phil Hughs died after getting hit by a bouncer. The Australian cricket board and its team refused to play Test with India which was later re-scheduled. Trying to save embarrassment the PCB has announced giving the match income to the victim families.
These shameless characters can call off the day’s game to mourn the death of a cricketer but not for the innocent 132 children of their country. What a contrast. We are ashamed to see this. – Pak Destiny

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