Mathira ‘controversial’ condom ad finally banned

ISLAMABAD July 23 (www.pakdestiny): The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has banned television channels from showing an “indecent” condom commercial featuring actress Mathira, reports say.

PEMRA has made it clear that airing such “immoral” content during Ramzan was not right. The ban was slapped after the authority received several complaints that the 50-second advert was indecent.

PEMRA spokesman Fakhar Mughal said “airing of such immoral advertisements on Pakistani channels and that too in Ramzan warrants serious action,” he said.

“TV channels have decided to take off air the condom advertisement as it is highly immoral.”

The advertisement revolves around Mathira who marries an ordinary man leaving people in the neighborhood surprised.

When a neighbor asks what the secret of keeping his wife happy was, the hubby quickly shows a pack of Josh condoms. His advice: “Bring Josh into your life.”

The wife also suggestively asks the neighbor for ice to “cool” her husband. – Pak Destiny


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