“Maulajat Barkain” echoing in SC again as Justice Khawaja refuses to separate himself from Geo case

By Sarmad Ali
lslamabad, May 23 (Pak Destiny) Mualajat barkain (dialogues) started echoing again in the Supreme Court.

“Kisi ko rati brabar bhi shak nahi hona chahiya ham iss muqadama ko sunaay gay (No body should have an iota of doubt as we will listen this case) these are the words of Justice Jawad S Khawaja while hearing Geo’s case today.
It appears Iftkhar Chaudhry barkhain are back.
It also seems that Geo may get relief from the court.
Lahore Bar Association former president Abid Saqi said Justice Khawaja is the “remnant” of iftikhar chaudhry and he would continue his legacy.
Anchor Mubashir Lucman yesterday revealed that Justice Khawaja had separated himself from Hamid Zaman case citing he was his relative. But he insisted that he would not separate himself from Geo case despite Mir Shakilur Rehman his relative. Justice Khawaja’s brother is married to MSR’s sister.
Saqi alleged Khawaja had taken up the case to favour Geo and a reference could be filed against him on partisan charges. – Pak Destiny
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