Media emerges ‘clue less’ in PPP-Judici​ary deal

By Raza Ruman

Islamabad, April 27 ( The so-called ‘vibrant’ media emerges ‘goof’ as the PPP successfully strikes a deal with Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry-led judiciary to bail out Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani in contempt case.

Sources privy to the development told that as the PPP government had taken the superior judiciary to a blind alley it was not easy for it to send Gilani to jail fearing public backlash.

“Symbolic punishment for the premier the only option left for you for face saving,” a PPP lawyer who negotiated with some players of the judiciary told it.

Had the apex court really wanted to send Gilani packing it would have easily sent him behind the bar for a few months? “Gilani could never have functioned as premier from the jail. The judiciary knew it,” a senior lawyer said. He said the deal between the PPP and judiciary was as the former would not hold countrywide protests in the event of symbolic punishment while the latter will not press for disqualification of Gilani and he may get relief in the review petition. It was a win win situation for both parties.

Our vibrant media led by Geo group had been gloating about the court decision terming it supremacy of law but in fact expect political outcome nothing legally goes against the premier or the government.

All top anchors are clamoring like fool for the head of Gilani ignoring that the judiciary had not actually send him packing.

Not a single big gun of media like Najam Sethi or Kamran Khan who claim knowing everything abot today’s world did not bother to raise this basic question as why Gilani was not sent to jail for violation of supreme court orders. Now the media is talking whether Gilani could visit the UK on May 8 after getting convicted but not barred from holding the office. “Had Gilani been convicted for three to six months he certainly would have been in the jail as former prime minister,” the senior lawyer said.

Well done our independent judiciary and well done Mr Prime Minister Gilani. The nation is proud of you both.

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