Mian Amer Mhamood welcomes another tainted anchor in Dunya TV

By Raza Ruman

(Pakdestiny.com) Another tainted anchor Dr Moeed Pirzada who was arrested in the UAE a couple of months ago for taking the thumb impression of his ailing father in the hospital on plain papers to get his property has been given warm welcom by Dunya TV.

After getting released on bail Pirzada instead of clarifying his position before the people about what he had done in UAE hospital, he chose to hide the truth like other tainted anchors.
Mian Amer Mahmood who earlier welcomed some of the BOL anchors he never minded taking another tainted one.
Pirzada is doing his first talk show on Dunya TV today will he dare to speak the truth about taking thumb impression of his father who is no more.
If an anchor is not clean himself how will he preach about right. Pakdestiny


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