Moeed Yusuf — a poor US green card-holder — may lose his position after Arshad Sharif revelations

Moeed Yousuf -- a poor US green card-holder -- may lose his position after Arshad Sharif revelations

By Raza Ruman

After known anchor Arshad Sharif raised serious concerns over the appointment of Pakistan National Security Advisor Moeed Yusuf -challenging his credentials for this job — a serious thought is being given at the powers that be whether to retain him or show the door. Moeed may lose his job if he fails to meet the second scrutiny process, it is learnt.

Arshad Sharif said in a tweet: “#Pakistan’s National Security Advisor @ USIP: Military has an exaggerated role in foreign policy & politics. MILITARY PICKED FAVOURITE #ImranKhan. ELECTIONS 2018 WERE NOT THE FAIREST ELECTIONS FOR SURE: Moeed Yusuf.
Do U know why he was appointed as SAPM?”

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Arshad also exposed Moeed in his programme on ARY for his dual stances about Prime Minister Imran Khan and his party, Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf.
Poor US green card-holder Moeed was once critical of Khan and PTI. He had declared 2018 polls rigged, PMLN has the same stance.

After these revelations, it has become embarrassing for PM Khan to retain the man in his cabinet who believes that he had come to power though rigged polls. In other words with the help of establishment.

If Khan does not take action against Moeed it will further consolidate the allegation that he is a ‘puppet’ and has no power in decision making. PAK DESTINY


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