MQM hires PR firm in London for positive outlook in Western media

By Ammara Yasir

London, July 4 (Pak Destiny) Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) in Britain has come under so much pressure that it has decided to hire a public relations firm to spin positive stories in the western media, following the arrest and release on bail of its leader altaf hussain.

MQM sources have told Pak Destiny that a major PR firm Bell Pottinger has been hired for this purpose. An initial meeting has been held and a contract has been signed. The firm will charge the MQM £150,000 for 6 months. A delegation of the firm has visited Karachi, stayed there for a week and also met Governor Sindh Ishrat ebaad.
Najam Sethi quoting an MQM chirya said over the weekend that Altaf Hussain has made Hussain Haqqani his advisor on international affairs. Haqqani, according to MQM source, stayed with Hussain for three days soon after his release. It has been said that Haqqani has assured Altaf Hussain that he would try his best to involve sources in the US administration to prevail upon the British authorities who are investigating the MQM leader for money laundering. Lets see what the PR does for Hussain in London but its clear that MQM now knows that the old tricks will not work anymore.
Meanwhile MQM Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui and London Secretariat Incharge Nadeem Nusrat have differences. Siddiqui has complained that he will abide by any orders of the party leader and will get his orders implemented but these orders should come directly from Hussain, not Nadeem Nusrat, who has already assumed the position of the future leader of the MQM. Nadeem Nusrat on the other hand says that there should be tighter control over Siddiqui who is advancing his own interests in Karachi with help from a close group of friends there.
Altaf Hussain has asked both Nusrat and Siddiqui to end their fights or both will be sacked. – Pak Destiny

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