Mubashir Lucman ‘misreported’ on Maryam Nawaz – Channel 24 to pay Rs0.5m fine

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By Raza Ruman

(Pakdestiny.com) Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority has slapped a Rs0.5m fine on Channel 24 as its anchor Mubashir Lucman had misreported the meeting of Maryam Nawaz with NBP officials.

This is second time the Channel 24 has to pay a fine of Rs500,000 or more for the ‘offence’ committed by Lucman.

The Council of Complaints of PEMRA has recommended a fine of Rs500,000 on Channel 24 for airing a picture of Maryam Nawaz  during the program Khara Sach, hosted by Mubashar Lucman on June 10, and claiming she was chairing a meeting of federal secretaries in the absence of her father – Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

The picture, it has now been proven was that of a meeting from January 24 that Maryam chaired as the chairperson of Prime Minister Youth Loan Program which was attended by regional heads of National Bank of Pakistan.

The Council that met in Islamabad said no representative of the channel appeared before them, and termed their explanations submitted earlier, as unsatisfactory.

The channel has been directed to air an apology, failing which their license could be cancelled.

Mohsin Naqvi, the owner of Channel 24, has asked Lucman to be  careful to take on the Sharifs as any more offensive program may plug off the channel. – Pak Destiny





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