Mubashir Lucman quit BOL as he wanted more power from Shoaib Sheikh which he refused


By Sarmad Ali

(Pak Ddestiny) As BOL TV is struggling to get some big names on board it faced a set back that it top anchor Mubasher Lucman quit it after developing differences with its chief executive Shoaib Shiekh.

Lucman is likely to fly back to Channel 24. Sources in BOL told Pak Destiny that Lucman wanted to control the major affairs of the channel which Shiekh did not allow.

Now ARY fame Dr Shahid Masood is trying to run the show in BOL. The sources said Dr Shahid has asked Shiekh to give him more power in hiring and firing.

It seems to be bumby road for BOL in this stiff competition. Lets see if it makes a little mark on the Pak media scene. – Pak Destiny



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