Mubashir Lucman upset after getting ‘snub’ from BOL and other channels, serves legal notice on PakDestiny

By Iram Salim

Islamabad ( Mubashir Lucman – the anchor who may be sent behind bars for leveling ‘baseless and false’ allegations against the wife of Supreme Court senior judge Justice Jawad S Khawaja and received ‘countless’ legal notices from media owners to journalists and businessmen to government officials – is very much upset over the story that he is refused by the BOL Media Group.

Instead of telling his viewers as why he was refused by the BOL and some other news channels he chose to issue a legal notice to How lovely on the part of this anchor whom Geo anchor Hamid Mir called a ‘paratrooper’ got so upset and disturbed that he chickened out to a ‘routine story’ which was telling the reason behind his re-joining the Business Plus. He rushed to his lawyers to draft a legal notice to stop the website from publishing his ’embarrassing points’. Why BOL will take an anchor who is indicted by the Supreme Court for leveling serious charges against its judge. Why other channels like Express, Dawn or SAMAA will be interested in him and this was all PakDestiny told.

On next hearing Mubashir Lucam should tell his reputation has also been brought to disrepute and he has too issued a legal notice.

Lucman has received a number of legal notices including from Jang/Geo group owner Mir Shakilur Rehman, anchors Najam Sethi and Hamid Mir, businessman Jehangir Siddiqui, PM’s adviser on aviation Shujaat Azeem and many others. Mubashir Lucman can open a section in the museum displaying these legal notices and we suggest to place the one he has issued to the there as well.

Mubashir Lucman has recently saved his skin by tendering ‘unconditional apology’ to the Lahore High Court Judge, Justice Mazhar Ali Naqvi, for leveling baseless allegations against him through notorious human smuggler, Asim Malik, at his program Khara Saach on ARY last year.

Before tending apology the judge had called Mubashir Lucman’s Khara Sach program a “nonsense”. The judge had also issued arrest warrants of Mubasher Lucman, producer of his program and ARY’s CEO. Even so, Justice Naqvi ordered that Mr. Lucman’s name be placed on the Exit Control List (ECL).

The LHC had taken suo motto action against Mr. Lucman for airing the interview of Asim Malik in a way that was seen as an attempt to malign the superior judiciary and its judges.

On the other hand, Mubashir Lucman is likely to be sent behind bars if he doesn’t get relief from the SC in the case related to defaming the Supreme Court Judge, Justice Jawad S Khawaja and his wife in his program Khara Saach on ARY.

The Supreme Court of Pakistan has already rejected the pleas for unconditional forgiveness from ARY owner Salman Iqbal and anchor Mubashir Lucman and framed charges against the two.
Level allegations without evidence, launch a vilification campaign, use the name of Almighty, the holy Qur’an and Pakistan but ask for forgiveness at once when the court orders to produce evidence in support of such claims.
This is exactly what happened in the Supreme Court of Pakistan when it ordered Salman Iqbal and Mubashir Lucman to come up with proof in support of the allegations they had been leveling.
A three-judge SC bench, headed by Justice Aijaz Afzal, conducted hearing of the contempt of court case under Article 204 against ARY CEO Salman Iqbal and anchor Mubashir Lucman.
The court turned down the apology offered in writing by both the individuals, ruling the apology is not unconditional. Later, the SC framed charged against the two.
According to the charges, Mubashir Lucman deliberately humiliated a judge of the apex court.
Both the accused assured the court that they would submit their replies in writing on the charges within a week.
Mubashir Lucman should tell his side of the story on BOL and other media groups in response to our story. We will welcome his point of view and publish it. Pak Destiny

The Story which made him upset : BOL refuses to take Mubashir Lucman — back to square one

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