Nai Baat editor fired for publishing a story against Punjab info secretary

By Moniba Ali

Lahore (Pak Destiny) The Punjab government has forced Daily Nai Baat owner Chaudhry Abdur Rehman to fire top four employees including editor to get the government advertisement restored.
Sources in media industry told Pak Destiny that Nai Baat editor Attaur Rehman and news editor Abdullah Tariq Sohail and two others were sacked after a news report targeting Punjab information secretary Mohyuddin Wani was published.
The Punjab government stopped releasing its ads to Nai Baat after that story. Wani conveyed to Nai Baat owner Ch Abdur Rehman that the government could only restore the ads of the newspaper if he fires those responsible for publication of the news.
Abdur Rehman ha to succumb to the pressure related to his newspaper’s commercial interest and send the editor, news editor and two senior journalists home.
The small publications like Nai Baat cannot stand the might of the PML-N government. Pak Destiny

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