Najam Sethi to serve legal notice on Imran Khan, ready to commit suicide if his involvement in rigging proves

By Raza Ruman

Islamabad, Feb 15 (Pak Destiny) Controversial chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board Najam Sethi has asked PTI chairman to commit suicide if he fails to prove his hand in rigging in last May general elections.
“I am ready to commit suicide if Imran proves that I was involved in rigging on 35 seats. If Imran fails then he should commit suicide,” Sethi makes an interesting offer.
Imran Khan had alleged Sethi fixed 35 punctures in May elections that means Sethi helped PML-N government in rigging on 35 seats.
Sethi said he would serve a notice on Imran for defaming him.
PTI leader Ejaz Chaudhry said his party had evidence of Sethi’s involvement in massive rigging. “Even we have an audio tape in which Sethi is taking ‘orders’ of rigging from someone,” he said. – Pak Destiny

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