Naji mends his relations with Sharifs, gets choiced posting for son in Punjab

By Qadir Ahmed

Lahore (Pak Destiny) Columnist Nazir Naji seems to have mended his soar relations with Sharif brothers as his son gets the posting with Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif.
The Punjab government today posted Naji’s son – Mansoor Naji – as SP VIIP security to CM.
Naji had got Mansoor appointed as Inspector in traffic police in the Sharifs regime in 1990s by using his then good relations with Mian sahiban.
Later, the PML-N government gave him out of turn promotions for his father’s invaluable services to the Mian Sahiban through his column writing skills.
The Sharifs on their return from exile in 2007 maintained distance with Naji for his ‘betray’ when they left in 1999.
But after the apparent failure of PTI sit-in Naji suddenly has started writing in favour of the Sharifs. “And after the posting of his son it is understandable Naji is getting the reward for softening his stance towards the PMLN in general and the Sharifs in particular.”
Mansoor Naji’s reputation in police department is not good rather bad. – Pak Destiny


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