Nawaz seems over excited over love triangle of Imran-Bushra-Maneka — more gutters opened

Nawaz seems over excited over love triangle of Imran-Bushra-Maneka -- more gutters opened

By Irum Saleem

   The most surprising thing is the desperation of Nawaz Sharif to enter Maneka-Bushra-Imran controversy.

   Nawaz couldn’t control his excitement and made a comment on the love triangle.

“I advise the PTI chief to refrain from talking about Riasat-i-Madina in the aftermath of Maneka’s claims,” an apparent jubilant Sharif said.

    The controversial interview of Khawar Maneka, the ex-husband of PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s wife Bu­­s­h­ra Bibi, was a common talking point in political circles on Tuesday.

    The interview came just a week after Maneka was released on bail in a land-grabbing case, and also brought to mind the made-for-TV interviews earlier given by the PTI chief’s lieutenants after they were released in different cases. NAB was after Maneka and it appears that fear of going behind bar has forced him to get unleashed at Imran Khan.

   Maneka had accused Imran of “in­­timate involvement” in his home and of being the reason for the subsequent decline of his marriage.

    PTI’s Taimur Jhagra said “I am disgusted by the interview and said every sane and decent person in the country would agree that interrogation of former husbands about their wives was not a part of Pakistan’s culture. Will it make any difference to the bulk of the country that supports Imran Khan? Zilch. Is it actually ruining the credibility of how the media and how the state operates? I leave that to you.”

  Sher Afzal Khan Marwat said Khan has expressed great sadness over Maneka’s statement. “Through such methods, instead of taking the nation towards political stability and rule of law, we are doing that which only an enemy can do,” he quoted Imran Khan as having said.

    Hammad Azhar said: “An anchor who for four years pretended to be a LNG (liquefied natural gas) expert without knowing its basic supply and pricing structure is now doing a staged hostage show on matrimonial issues of former spouses. The desperation to target Imran Khan can take some individuals to great depths.”  Babar Awan said the “scripted interview with zero credibility proved there was nothing else of substance found against Khan by his opponents.”

 Zulfi Bukhari said “Pakistani politics fallen below the pits. Gutter show by Shahzeb Khanzada with a known corrupt customs officer. Absolutely shameless things happening just to malign Imran Khan.”

   What a shame for the nation. PAK DESTINY

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