Nawaz Sharif behind Arslan Iiftikhar’s resignation

By Raza Ruman

Islamabad, July 4 (Pak Ddestiny) Prime Minister Nawaz Sahrif in fact had asked Balochistan Chief Minister Dr Maalik to get resignation from Iftikhar Arslan, son of former chief justice.
PML-N sources told Pak Destiny that after bashing of Don Arsalan from all quarters for appointing him vice-chairman of Balochistan Board of Investment Nawaz Sharif took notice of it and asked Maalick to send Arsalan home. “Although Arsalan was appointed on the Shari’s recommendation to oblige Iftikhar Chaudhry for his services to the PML-N but a strong criticism from opposition parties especially PTI and media forced Sharif to booted him out,” the sources said.
Interestedly the PPP which was critical of Iftikhar remained silent of Arsalan’s appointment. “Since the PPP acting as B Team of PMLN it does not object any of its decision… the Zardari reconciliation policy.”
Arsalan who started off his career as section officer has become billionaire by virtue of his father. He during his father’s tenure as CJP set up the business in telecom sector with the help of property tycoon Malik Riaz and within no time made millions. PPP had claimed that it would bring out the corruption proof of Arsalan once his father would not be the CJP. Where the PPP claim goes?
Interestingly since Arsalan is so poor in English, guess who has written his resignation letter… his father or a friend… –Pak Destiny




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