Nawaz Sharif hanging around with the army chief for the last 24 hours

By Iram Salim

Islamabad (Pak Destiny) During the last 24 hours Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is sticking with Army Chief Gen Rasheel Sharif.
As the threat of Azadi March of Imran Khan and Revolution March of Tahirul Qadri is looming over, the prime minister has held back to back events during the last 24 hours in which he spent time in the company of the army chief. Yesterday evening Nawaz held Independence Day ceremony at parliament house and today there was ceremony in Quetta where he remained in the company of Gen Sharif.
Political analysts are of the view that Nawaz is doing so to give the impression that the army chief is with him and he doesn’t need to be worried about the long march.
“Nawaz thinks more he stays in the company of Gen Sharif more he is safe. Means this trick may save him to be over thrown,” a political analyst said. It will be interesting to see whether PM Sharif spends next 48 hours without him. – Pak Destiny

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