Nawaz Sharif is advised to become ‘President’ to save his govt

By Iram Salim

Islamabad, Aug 5 (Pak Destiny) As the political crisis is further deepening Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has been advised to become ‘President’ to save the PMLN government.
Highly placed sources told Pak Destiny that Nawaz Sharif had been given the option by a member of the establishment. “Become President of Pakistan and hand over the prime ministership to either your younger brother Shahbaz Sharif or any other person of your choice to defuse crisis.”
The source said Nawaz Sharif for the first time is feeling the heat of the crisis and summoned his kitchen cabinet over this ‘piece of advice’ for consultation. “Nawaz Sharif will sacrifice his government but not accept the offer. He is not ready to take any dictation from the establishment and this time too he will not accept this kind of way out to deal with the crisis,” a PML.N leader said.
Lets see if Nawaz pays heed to the advice last minute. –Pak Destiny

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