Nawaz Sharifs backtracks his “deadline” over polio

By Raza Ruman

Islamabad (Pak Destiny) Seeing what media had done with his predecessor Pervaiz Ashraf for giving a deadline on loadshedding of electricity, PM Nawaz Sharif today withdrew his six-month deadline for eradication of polio he gave yesterday.

It had been widely reported a day earlier that the prime minister had vowed to eradicate polio from Pakistan within six months, the Prime Minister House spokesperson today ssued a clarification that the premier did not announce any deadline.

Chairing a meeting of the National Task Force on Polio Eradication a day earlier, PM Nawaz Sharif vowed to make Pakistan polio-free within six months and said that he would personally review the progress of the polio programme every fortnight.

However, the PM House spokesperson today (Thursday) denied the statement, stating that the PM never gave any deadline for the eradication of polio in the country.

Sources told Pak Destiny Nawaz Sharif either got afraid seeing media making fun of Raja Pervaiz Asharf and his brother Shahbaz Sharif on deadline sagas on electricity loadshedding or  got ground knowledge of the facts that he could not eradicate polio in six or may be in six years. It  seems to be a case of not thinking before you speak.- Pak Destiny

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