Finally the last BOL ‘runaway’ anchor also finds job

By Raza Ruman

Islamabad ( Finally the fifth and the last BOL runaway anchorperson Nusrat Javed finds a place in Aaj TV.
He must have taken the decision to rejoin Aaj TV with ‘heavy heart’ as his preference after quitting BOL must be the mainstream news channels. As the other BOL ‘runaway anchors’ finding place in Dunya TV, Javed could not find a place because of opposition of Kamran Khan like stuff who is against Nusrat Javed.
Javed tweeted: “Bad news for trolls, Mairay Dushmanoon Kau Naveed Hoo, as Faiz Sb said: I will start reappearing on AAJ TV, after Eid, ASAP (sic).”
Nusrat Javed should feel lucky himself as this time he will do the program without Mushtaq Minhas. Many of his admirers earlier wanted him to rid this Mihas as he was too irritating a personality.
Now after Nusrat all the fve BOL runaway anchors – Kamran Khan, Iftikhar Ahmed, Asma Sherazi and Wajahat S Khan have joined other new organizations.
Lets the other anchors left with BOL when call it a day. Pak Destiny

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