NYT gets message, the Nation unnecessarily upset

By Sarmad Ali

(Pakdestiny.com) The job with “Daily Nation” as its Resident Editor Islamabad could not save Salman Masood, A Pakistani Correspondent of New York Times, from the raid of Rangers.

Earlier, Declan Walsh, a NYT bureau chief, was blacklisted by the Pakistani government in 2013 and deported back to London where he often writes hard-htting articles targeting the Pakistani security agencies.
In that scenario the raid of Rangers was not uncalled for. Masood is trying hard to get the support of the fellow journalists against the raid in which he was not treated badly.
Around six Rangers officials entered the house of Masood in Islamabad as a routine search operation against terrorism.
Salman Masood said that another house was also searched in the neighbourhood, but the possibility that it was a cover-up cannot be precluded.
Walsh had also broken the story about the fake degrees of BOL Media group after which it was closed and its owner Shoaib Shiekh is sent behind the bars. Pakdestiny

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