One million Pakistanis leaving country every year – Will PML-N govt wake up to this fact?

pakistani people with passport

By Sarmad Ali

(Pakdestiny.com) Who will tell Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif that about a million Pakistanis are leaving the country annually abroad for better work opportunities.

Alone in 2015, the figure crossed one million mark enough to open the eyes of the PML-N government which is all focused to save PM Sharif in Panamagate.

Senate Committee on Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development was told that since 1971, over 9 million Pakistanis have emigrated through the Bureau of Emigration and Overseas Employment, according to a report in Express Tribune.

This number peaked in 2015 when 9,46,571 Pakistanis moved to other countries, and since 2013, over 2.32 million Pakistanis have left the country for work.

    Of them, six per cent proceeded to Gulf Cooperation Council countries, about one per cent moved to the European Union and other developed countries, three per cent to Malaysia, Libya, South Korea etc.
   Will our government ever care for those leaving the country for better future. Pakdestiny

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