One-third of women a subject of aggression globally

By Maryam F Nisar

Violence against women (VAW), commonly branded as gender-based violence jointly consists of violent acts that are exclusively committed against women and girls. (VAW) is an infringement of human rights and a type of bigotry against womenfolk which includes all actions of sexual based brutality. To be more specific, it comprises of all forms of sexual, physical, psychological or fiscal torment, forced denial of freedom, taking place in private or public life of women.

Violence against females has always been a grave endemic problem. Approximately one-third of the womenfolk globally are being a subject of aggression regularly which includes severe beating, rape, and abuse etc.Unfortunately, in some cases the abuser comes from their intimate circles.

Hostility against women is divided into two major categories; conjugal and family aggression, and sexual battering.

On an international level, (VAW) is stated as any action involving sexual harassment which results in any kind of agony to women. Women, at times are subjected to various kinds of violent acts by those with whom they are knitted in an intimate relationship. Sometimes women fall a prey to the harassment of their partners who adopt various heinous acts by means of fear and threat. In majority of the cases, the brutal behaviour is adopted to exercise supremacy and clout over females and their offsprings, which includes both immoral and unlawful actions. Since women don’t have much say in the society, their fate revolves around punches, hits, shoves, slaps, kicking, stabbed etc. On certain accounts they are pushed down the stairs for any slightest of mistake committed

by them. Because of their weak position and no backing they are bound to undergo heartrending, agonizing and psychological maltreatment too. This encompasses a forcible control over their finances, seclusion from their family members and acquaintances, incessant degradation, being jeopardized with grievance or fatality or risk factors involved against their children. On occasions women are subjected to fiscal abuse also when their husbands or brothers deprive her of her valuable assets on the pretext of false acquisition. Stealing cash, not permitting their involvement in any decision revolving around money or forcefully warding off the victim from undertaking a job also falls within this domain.

Family violence cannot be ignored when it comes to sadism against women. This comprises of violent behavior amid family members, or brutality between close partners. It is the same as domestic violence. It has been categorically been identified that family aggression is an illicit offence and any sort of any behavior carried out that becomes the reason of the sufferer to spend their lives in fright is offensive. This classifies the involvement of local people, as it takes into account matrimonial and kinship affiliation which may lead to violence.

Many a times women, the unfortunate victims of our society are subjected to perform forced prostitution and other immoral acts too.

The question arises till when will women be victimized; how will an end come to such loathing wrongdoings against women and girls chiefly because they are females. Would anybody emerge as a saviour for such women who undergo violence against because of their secondary position as compared to men? — Pak Destiny

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