Over 800,000 Pakistanis in Saudi jail

ISLAMABAD: More than 800,000 Pakistanis languashing in saudia jails,the National Assemble was in form on Monday.

The information was placed before the house in a written reply during the question hour.

answerinmg supplementry questions Science minister, Zahid hamid filling in for foreign affairs,Advisor sirtaj Aziz, said the government was following the issue and taking necessary measures.

Mr Hamid said the Pakistan embassy officials in Saudia Arabia had played the important role in regularised the status of pakistanis who had over stayed there.

A detailed reply to the question asked by Tahria Aurengzaid of PMLN said the living conditions detainees were good and the provide all the basic necessities including food n health care.

However it has been observed that the prisioners even after completion of their terms of awarded sentences are deported back to the respective countries after the considerable delay.

This issue has been regularly highlighted by the mission with thw relevant saudi authorities at the appropriate level” the ministry said.

After a number of meetings with malaysian authorities it was agreed that as a special case all pakistanis illegal immifrants would pay a fine of 500 ringgit each without any arrest.

Cases of 249 people who had been come illegal due to overstay have been processed without any arrest.


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