PageCDN introduces new techniques to speedup websites

PageCDN introduces new techniques to speedup websites

By Sarmad Ali

Website speed optimization is a hot topic since the search engine giant Google started using it as an important factor in ranking of websites in its search results. PageCDN has introduced a few new ways to offer 10x website speedup in 10x less time.

What is a CDN?

A content delivery network (CDN) is a geographically distributed network of data centers that maintain copy of website’s static files near end users so that whenever a visitor opens the website, all static resources are delivered to their browser from the nearest location, making the site fast.

CDN infrastructure illustration on World Map (Original Image)

PageCDN is an Optimizing CDN

PageCDN is first Pakistan based Content Delivery Network. Co-founded by Hamid Sarfraz, Sami Ur Rehman, Muhammad Naeem and Mudassar Sarfraz; it was launched in July 2019.

PageCDN builds a complete optimization layer on top of its CDN infrastructure. It also offers free fonts CDN that is first Google Fonts alternative, but makes fonts easier to use. Additionally, it offers a free Public CDN for open source libraries.

What does PageCDN has to offer?

  1. Easy to Use – PageCDN aims to make CDN integration much easier by offering ready to use advanced features with almost zero setup time. PageCDN’s Easy Speedup WordPress plugin is very helpful for WordPress users and offers unbeatable performance.
  • Host Consolidation – Websites that load resources from multiple hosts like Public CDNs, Private CDN, Google Fonts, hosted widget, etc, load slower in browsers. PageCDN helps consolidate all the different types of content over single host so that it can be requested in parallel. PageCDN facilitates fonts, libraries, themes, commercial themes, widgets and private files over a single CDN, and where possible, enables cache sharing across websites. It also supports connecting to origins like Github, websites, file storage, etc.
  • Aggressive Optimizations – PageCDN allows brotli compression with quality 11, that is the highest available for the web and not supported by many web servers and CDNs. With this, PageCDN can reduce the content size by additional 27% compared to others.

PageCDN also helps setting cache control headers for long expiry of files in browser, and still allows room for cache invalidation through in-URL cache busters.

  • Content Classification – PageCDN classifies static content into ‘Public’, Shared’ and ‘Private’ content for efficient optimization of ‘content’, ‘delivery’ and ‘caching’ components of the HTTP request. Knowing the type of content, PageCDN can apply very advanced optimizations that pay off at scale because public and shared files are used on many sites.

PageCDN aims to apply advanced optimizations automatically in the future when it has more information on the pattern of usage of public, shared and private files on different websites.

  • Shared CDN – Shared CDN is a new content delivery technique introduced by PageCDN. Small CMS creators and theme developers use PageCDN’s shared CDN for delivery of theme files directly from their Github repo with very minimal setup requirements and with very fine performance benefits, and cache sharing across websites.
  • HTTP/2 Server Push – With this, PageCDN makes it possible to easily send files to the browser before even browser asks for them, making it super fast to load your website in no time. The entire process is easy and takes minimal developer time.
  • Optimizations Built into URLs

At PageCDN, many optimizations work through URIs and do not require any configuration. It allows you to specify hints in the URL to indicate required optimizations. The available optimizations are:

  1. In URL cache Busters
  2. Content versioning
  3. URL based image optimization
  4. URL based CSS and JS minification

On-the-fly image, styles and script optimization by PageCDN (Original Image)


With the economical price and some free CDN products, PageCDN is the go to place for performance optimization needs of a modern website, and it is recognized by the most popular performance measurement tools like GTMetrix, Pingdom and WebPageTest. -Pak Destiny


For further details please contact the following:

Contact Person:                 Sami Ur Rehman – CMO
                                                [email protected]
                                                Whatsapp: +923214205284


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