Pak judiciary ‘openly protecting’ Sharif Brothers

Islamabad, Sep 10 News Desk ( Pak judiciary has now openly started protecting Sharif brothers. Be it an old reference of National Accountability Bureau against Nawaz Sharif or Shahbaz Sharif corruption or a new one, Iftikhar-led judiciary is not ready to allow its organ of state to go after them.

On Tuesday the Lahore High Court Rawalpindi bench stopped the accountability court from holding the trial of the Sharif brothers in willful default of Rs3.8billion case. The Itifaq foundary allegedly defaulted willfully after taking Rs3.8 billion from banks but our respectable court is not ready to even let the trial court hold the trial of ‘really sharif’ persons of the Sharif family.

Come on lets stop fooling the people. One the one hand our so-called independent judiciary never tires of talking rule of law and on the other blatantly flouts it by adopting the policy of ‘selective’ justice.

Try Zardari but also not protect Sharifs corruption…. The court already has stopped the trial court from holding trial of Sharifs in money laundering cases.

Another tout of Sharifs advocate Akram Sheikh today filed application in the Supreme Court requesting it to stop the media from criticizing judiciary or judges.
Such touts should better serve Sharifs and other masters instead of now targeting the media. (


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