Pak plays enthralling viewers with beautiful locations

By Aleena Rizvi

Hum Tv never disappoints it’s viewers and always ends up giving incredible soaps and serials that helps you stick to your TV and hence HUM network has contributed much in bringing revolution to a Pakistan Drama industry.
The drama which must have grabbed your attention nowadays is none other than ‘Dayar-e-dil’. Shot in a beautiful location and directed with perfection in a set of amazing casts, the drama unquestionably deserves a round of applause.

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Initially showing Agha Jan father of two sons Behroz and Sohaib, is very strict about his traditions and norms wanted his Elder son Behroz to get married to his childhood fiancé Arjumand but Behroz fell in love with his classmate Ruhi which leads him marrying her hence ruining his relation with his father.
In order to save family’s reputation and to fulfill his promise, Agha Jan asks Suhaib to marry Arjumand The drama then showed a leap where Arjumand and Suhaib have given birth to Wali and Zarmeenay and on the other side, Ruhi and Behroz had Farah as their only daughter.
Things changed completely when Suhaib all of a sudden suffered a heart attack and lost his life. Behroz too much saddened by his younger brother’s death reconciled with his father. Seeing his father totally broke and to fulfill the last wish of his brother let Farah get married to Wali.

Pak plays enthralling viewers with beautiful locations (3)

Ruhi can’t stand this decision on Behroz as she wasn’t able to forget the event when Agha Jan insulted her and called her a characterless woman. Farah, much influenced with her mother is not at all wanted to get married to Wali.
Ruhi misbehaved with Agha Jan and along with Farah left her home. Behroz who was not accepting this attitude from Ruhi passed away due to heart failure.
In current episodes Agha Jan who is a completely different personality now, regrets not accepting Ruhi and Farah in the past is trying his best to cope up by showering love towards both.
Farah though being married to Wali, couldn’t stand him and Wali is making efforts to win Farah’s heart which seems impossible yet.
Abid Ali as Agha Jaan hated much for a strict father is equally loved as a loving grandfather, the actor portrayed his role so beautifully that one desire to wish for such grandfather.
Mikaal Zulfiqaar played very well and did more than justice to his part, Moreover Hareem Farooq and Ali Rehman played Arjumand and Suhaib so flawlessly which makes you adore these two characters.
Osman khalid butt as Wali has definitely improved much his acting skills and Maya Ali as Farah may look immature playing a 17-year-old girl, but she met successfully the demand of her character.

Pak plays enthralling viewers with beautiful locations (2)

The one person to whose acting skill I’m in totally love with is none other than the much professional Sanam Saeed. From love to the hatred she has given the impeccable expressions and the powerful dialogue delivery couldn’t resist me saying her as the best among all.
Let’s see what Dayar-e-dil has more to offer us, Will Farah will develop his love for Wali or Wali will keep making efforts to win Farah or will give up in the end. Will Ruhi will make space in our heart for Agha Jan forgetting the past or will stick to her dominant nature consequently separating Farah and Wali.
To know all these interesting upcoming facts, stay tuned to Hum Tv and Dayar-e-Dil every Tuesday Night 8 PM.

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