Pakistani ‘shokha’ Shah Rukh – Sahir Lodhi – caught in vulgar dance in his show on TV One – PEMRA serves notice

By Iram Salim

(Pak Destiny) The Pakistani ‘shokha’ Shah Rukha Khan – Sahir Lodhi – is caught red-handed in an ‘objectionable’ dance with a girl in his ‘shokha’ show on TV One.

The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority has slapped a notice on TV One asking it to explain about running the objectionable dance of Sahir Lodhi. The channel has been given 14 days to submit its reply and explain why the program not be shut down or a fine of Rs1 million not be imposed or further still, the organization’s license not be suspended/cancelled.

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In the program Aap Ka Sahir, shokha Lodhi invited a girl and started doing objectionable dance… and the program administration did not dare to intervene.
PEMRA has received hundreds of complaints against Lodhi for his vulgar dances in his show. Lets see PEMRA takes serious action against this ‘shokha’ or let him off the hook with a meager fine. — Pak Destiny


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