Pakistani veteran musician to launch online platform for promoting ‘Local Talent’



By Sidra Kausary ( This must be a good news for all those who are bestowed with the talent of music and urge to work in the field of music. Now the modern age can give you so many chances to showcase your talent and even enhance it. In this regard, a new Pakistani website is here to promote the hidden talent and give them a direction for being a professional.

Mr. Arshad Mehmud is a well-known musician and veteran musician. He has delivered musical gems working together with the artists like Nazia Hassan and Zohaib Hassan, Junaid Jamshed, Tina Sani, Tahira Syed and Nayyara Noor.

In a special conversation with one of the legend musicians, Arshad Mahmud explained what his new venture MoUSICi is all about. “MoUSICi is an effort to help support the up and coming musical talent. There are singers or musicians who are naturally talented, but they never get a chance to get trained in music. These people rarely find help in correcting the errors they make in their music. MoUSICi is an effort which intends to fill this gap”, he said.

The platform MoUSICI is going to be launched soon which is indeed a venture for the generation who have talent and need guidance.

In response to a question, Mr. Arshad Mahmud explained that “MoUSICi is a platform which will actually help all music community by bringing musical talents together. The young artists who are really talented and who come up with good quality work, their work will be showcased on We will also be able to help the musical talent in our country by finding the right people to help them create new music.”

He added that “if for example you need a really good guitarist, we can suggest one. We can also help you to see if you need a guitarist for this particular composition or not.”

Arshad Mahmud said that “poetry and music are very closely related to each other. In olden days, it was the lyrics which attracted the attention of the audience and musical instruments added to the feel of it all. Nowadays, many instruments are added just for the sake of it. It’s like the law of diminishing returns. When too many instruments are added, the arrangement sometimes back fires.”

While in a recent interview veteran musician has said that “in this time there has been a dearth of melodious music. There is no lack of musical talent in Pakistan. All we need to do is to touch the right strings to get our rhythm back. MoUSICi is our inheritance. This platform with the name of MoUSICi is an initiative to help out new musicians with their music. It is to support melodious music”.

Mr. Arshad also mentioned that the website, will be live in next few days. While we all are hoping that this will do some justice with the neglected and hidden talent of Pakistan in the field of music.-


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