Pervaiz Rasheed’s duties to take on rivals doubled after Sanuallah’s exit

By Raza Ruman

Islamabad, June 30 (Pak Destiny) After Rana Sanaullah’s resignation poor Pervaiz Rasheed’s duties to take on rivals like Imran Khan and Dr Tahirul Qadri have been doubled.

Since former Punjab law minister Rana Sanaullah lost his ministry he is not getting good coverage in national media. So in order to get good coverage against the PML-N rivals, Federal Information Minister Rasheed has been asked to sit before TV channels to respond immediately to Qadri or Khan when they speak against the PML-N leadership.
Rasheed has been facing a lot of fatigue to issue statements, giving live comments on various TV channels and holding press conferences to respond to Khan and Qadri allegations for the last few days.
Rasheed is the most trusted fellow of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and the premier does not want other members of his team to reply Imran Khan or Qadri allegations.
Let’s see if Pervaiz Rasheed takes a break as his age does not allow him to responding round the clock to the Sharifs critics. -PAK DESTINY

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