PIA Strike has stranded many on Airports, passengers demand Govt to look into the matter


By Sidra Kausary (Pakdestiny.com) In recent past days, Pakistan International Airline workers started protesting against the killing of their colleagues and privatisation of Pakistan International Airline (PIA). As the rift between forces and protestors started the protest turned into a battlefield, where almost four people died.
Later on, the protestors completely shut down the operations. Which actually do not bother the authorities or governemnt but the people got disturbed by this.
A large number of passengers having PIA return tickets in their hands yesterday lost their patience and chanted slogans against national airline employees who are protesting.
A possible clash between the passengers and protesting employees was averted by the law-enforcement agencies at Benazir Bhutto Islamabad International Airport.
The passengers chanted slogans against the PIA employees and held them responsible for the delay in flights. However, the PIA employees responded with slogans against the federal government.
According to details, a large number of PIA employees reached the entrance of the airport at 11:30 am to continue their protest and stage a sit-in. Meanwhile, a group of passengers reached the spot having PIA return tickets into their hands. Currently, over 2,000 are Pakistanis stranded in Jeddah due to the suspension of flights, and neither the government nor PIA itself has approached them since providing them with residence at a local hotel in the city.
As the protest continues, over 40 domestic and international PIA flights were cancelled at the BB airport. Not only this but other airlines has increased their airfares as well. The situation is very well manipulated by the benefits seekers and even the political parties are point scoring.
On the other hand, passengers are suffering from this strike at a larger level. This is the season when Muslims start performing UMRA but due to strike they are also facing many problems. -Pakdestiny.com

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