PML-N government reopens 7-year old murder case against Hamid Mir

By Raza Ruman

      (Pak Destiny) The Khalid Khwaja’s murder case has come back to haunt anchor/journalist Hamid  Mir years after the PPP government had got the FIR sealed. The FIR has been reopened at times when Mir shifted his loyalty from the Sharifs to others.

      Mir is facing kidnapping charges in the case filed by Shamama Malik, the widow of Khalid Khwaja. Khwaja was kidnapped from his house in Islamabad’s G-10/2 sector in March 2010. He was subsequently murdered in the custody of Punjabi Taliban for his “alleged role in Lal Masjid killing.”

    Shamama Malik alleged that Hamid Mir and Usman Punjabi with the help of their accomplices had kidnapped Khalid Khawaja who was later taken to North Waziristan. On April 30, 2010, his bullet-riddled body was found in Karam Kot.

  This audio tape was also released on the Internet that time and Mir was finding it hard to explain it.

“The police also did not record the version of my son,” Ms Malik alleges in her complaint. She claims that her deceased husband and Hamid Mir had differences over the Lal Masjid operation.  “Because of this reason, Hamid Mir and Usman Punjabi got Khawaja kidnapped and murdered him. An audio conversation allegedly between Hamid Mir and Usman Punjabi over the issue has also been made part of the record of the FIR.”

   This audio tape was also released on the Internet that time and Mir was finding it hard to explain it.  The PPP government however that time had let him off the hook and sealed the FIR.

    Hamid Mir is of the view that reopening of the FIR against him is “politically-motivated”  aimed at blackmailing him.

     Mir is in the dock and he may have to negotiate with the ruling PML-N to save his skin, it seems. – Pak Ddestiny


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