PM Sharif sets world record by making 65 foreign tours since 2013


By Raza Ruman ( Prime Minister is perhaps the only world premier who made 65 foreign tours in last two-and-a-half years in office.

Mr Sharif seems to have made a record on this front but this venture of his cost the national exchequer over Rs 68 crore.

According to the Foreign Ministry, Rs 688.276 million was spent on Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s state visits to other countries.

Foreign Office on Wednesday submitted the details about expenditures on PM’s state visits in the National Assembly.

The prime minister made 65 state visits in 2.5 years out of which he visited United Kingdom 15 times, Saudi Arabia five times and the United States three times. Foreign Ministry said 631 people had accompanied the PM Nawaz in his visits.

Foreign Ministry also mentioned in the report that in a visit to France Rs 32.249 million were spent by the government.

Mr Sharif will easily makes a century of foreign tours by end of this year. Pak Destiny

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