PML-N government setting free Taliban on its own…where is Pak ‘independent’ judiciary

By Raza Ruman

Islamabad, April 4 (Pak Destiny) The PML-N is setting a number of Taliban free from Pakistani ‘jails’ without following the lawful procedure.
What a country this is…is not it. The party whose leaders are never tired of preaching rule of law is involved in blatant violation of law.
Will any one from the PML-N tell as why the arrested Taliban are being set free without getting them through the legal process? Why the Supreme Court does not take suo motu? It is like you pick any one from the jail and set him free without the court verdict.
Where is our judiciary sleeping or perhaps it is too afraid of Taliban and wants the government to beg ‘peace’ from Taliban and in return seems to be ready to free its hundreds of hardcore criminals.
This is Pakistan seems sab chalta ha yahan. Pak Destiny

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