PMLN gives PTI new name ‘Daesh of Paksitan’

Bt Sarmad Ali
Islamabad (pakdestiny), The PML-N has given PTI a new name – Daesh of Pakistan.
The PML-N through its paid columnist Attaul Haq Qasmi has given this name to PTI in his today’s column in Daily Jang.
While the PML-N paid anchors and columnists have been given the task to ‘target’ PTI chairman Imran Khan for his dharna failure, Qasmi presented his services to label PTI as Daesh at teh PMLN behest.
Since the PML-N is giving him a ‘routine lafafa’ for his services to the party, Qasmi is expecting to grab a slot of ambassadorship like he got in the past for his ‘bad language’ he is using in his columns for the PML-N opponents especially Imran Khan.
Lets see if Qasmi is rewarded for his this effort.

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