PMLN government fools Supreme Court on tax matters

Islamabad, June 20 (www.pakdestiny) The PML-N government has smartly fooled the Supreme Court in general sales tax (GST) case.
Attorney General Munir A Malik made a startling disclosure before the court that the government had not levied tax on items like vegetable, milk, egg, poultry, fish, butter, drugs, fruits, salt and potato and these are exempted from tax.
Since Mr Malik is not the AG of PPP government his silly disclosure did not earn the ire of the SC and it let him to fool it in the face of glaring fact that there had never been a tax on these items in the past.
Their prices shoot when government increases GST and the not so smart PMLN government has increased it from 16 percent to 17 percent. And a sea of price hike follows.
The PMLN may manage to fool courts but not the people. – Pak Destiny


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