Gill forces Maryam to respond him… What a pity for top leader of PMLN

shahbaz Gill forces PMLN leader Maryam nawaz to respond him on twitter

By Raza Ruman

Former premier Nawaz Sharif’s daughter Maryam Nawaz has proved that she a ‘very small leader’. How come she has proved this… One could have many guesses.

She proved herself small by reacting to PTI’s Shahbaz Gill’s taunt on her… What a shame for a top leader of one major party responding to a third tier leader of the opponent party. She has bitterly exposed herself.

When Gill taunted her that his government would not allow a “lady on silent mode” to leave the country to join her father in London, the ailing Maryam had a rush of blood and responded to his tweet saying she isn’t going no where till sending Imran Khan government packing. Gill again taunted her saying Maryam could not stop herself responding to his taunt.

maryam nawaz tweets replies to shahbaz gill's taunt

Maryam is acting so childishly that she even responding to the level of Gill. She showed that she is a small leader taking on small leaders of opponent party. PAK DESTINY

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