Poor Qadri packs up his ‘dharna’ without sending Sharifs home

By Iram Salim

The ‘dharna’ partnership between Dr Tahirul Qadri and Imran Khan has finally come to an end.
“Tahirul Qadri has virtually ended his sit-in in Islamabad and is settled to hold rallies across the country. Imran has no objection over Qadri’s decision as he also thinks this is the best ‘face saving’ for Qadri to pack up and concentrate on rallies in other cities,” a source close to Qadri told Pak Destiny.
He said Qadri had left with no other option but to pack up after his and Khan’s attempt to topple the Nawaz Sharif government failed. “Khan’s PTI is gaining popularity by every passing day and he still sticks to his sit-in in Islamabad it was Mr Qadri who was finding it hard to come out of this failure,” he said. “Imran did not press Qadri to continue his sit-in as the winters are setting in and Qadri can no longer hold it for more time.”
Its goodbye for Mr Qadri who may settle on blood money for the people killed in Model Town at the hands of Punjab police. — Pak Destiny

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