Pride of Performance Majid Jahangir needs help. Sindh Culture Department 4 lac support may be a bit of help

KARACHI: Once regarded as one of the greatest Pakistani TV artists and bestowed with Pride of Performance, well-known figure of the most popular TV show ‘Fifty Fifty’ Majid Jahangir is now living a life of helplessness and neglect coupled with health issues with no one to fend for the well sought after actor of his time.

Sitting in the corner in the utter dejection at his decrepit two-room apartment in Karachi’s Gulshan-e-Iqbal area, the 64-year-old actor has much to describe about his glooming phase of life he is going through since couple of decades.

Mr. Jahangir was awarded numerous medals and awards during his acting career. He was shot to prominence for his leading role in the sitcom Fifty Fifty – the most popular comedy play of Pakistani TV – in the 1980s. The popular TV serial continued for six years from 1979 to 1985.

Majid also worked in four Pakistani movies and appeared in more than 35 stage shows besides radio plays. But the current phase of his life is indeed a hardscrabble one. He also worked for the PTV for over 20 years.

The artist is now facing serious health problems and dire financial constraints. He is seemingly unhappy with the government for its ‘hollow’ promises.

He went to the US for some years, but could not settle — mainly for his love to the country. It was just two and a half-month ago when he was paralyzed.

He feels dejected by attitude of his friends. He recalled the moment he was awarded Pride of Performance in the 1980s during Zia-ul-Haq regime, but no subsequent democratic governments paid heed to his miseries, he says.

He also complained for not getting any attention from the authorities even after government’s announcement of a Governor Sindh Relief Fund meant for artistes.

Majid also expresses dismay for not receiving any grant from recently-announced Sindh Endowment Fund for artistes despite his name being in the list of beneficiaries.

Later on : Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leader Sharmila Farooqi on Tuesday personally donated a cheque amounting to Rs400,000 to the legendary comedian Majid Jahangir on behalf of the Sindh Culture Department.

Majid Jahangir, who was conferred Pakistan’s highest “Pride of Performance” award for his memorable performance in one of the most popular comedy shows ‘Fifty Fifty’ was facing severe financial crisis and health issues.

Majid worked for Pakistan Television (PTV) for 22 years besides starring in four Pakistani films.

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