PTI Long March on May 25: will Imran Khan succeed as his real test begins

PTI Long March on May 25: will Imran Khan succeed as his real test begins

By Sarmad Ali

    Finally Imran Khan has announced long march on Islamabad on May 25. And this will be first time he will do politics without the help of establishment.

    Rather he is wearing the military establishment not to become part of the Shehbaz government efforts to stop the long march by force.

“I also say to my army that you said you are neutral so now remain neutral. I want to invite everyone, including the families of civil servants, army personnel and ex-servicemen to the long march,” Khan says.

   Imran Khan has warned the entire bureaucracy, police and army to refrain from disturbing the peaceful long march to Islamabad in any way.

    Massive trend was seen on Sunday on Twitter on Khan’s May 25 long march. There were calling on social media also pressing the establishment to stay neutral.

    “From Boys are behind Imran Khan’s every success & Aleem Khan / JKT are funding it to Boys are completely neutral & Aleem Khan / JKT are born-again democrats to Allah Ke Waste Boys humein Imran Khan se bacha lo. Incredible mental gymnastics within 2 months,” read a tweet.

     So Imran’s real test in politics has begun. As with the umbrella of establishment doing politics is tough. Nawaz is still doing it be he is here or abroad. Will Khan succeed? PAK DESTINY

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