Imran Khan is cursed on media for using chartered plane and letting his criminal friend off the hook

By Raza Ruman

(Pak Destiny) PTI chairman is being cursed by media for helping his friend Zulfiqar Bokhari commonly known as Zulfi after allegedly pressuring the caretaker setup to remove his name from exit control list.

Not only Khan is being trolled on social media but also top anchors cursing him for both favouring a criminal and using chartered plane costing anyone Rs10m or so.

Khan perhaps used chartered plane in order to avoid looks of people on his new veiled wife Bushra on a regular flight.








Shameful Khan on the one hand curses Sharifs for lavish spending and on the other spending millions from the pockets if his ATMs for his luxury.

People are right to call both Sharifs and Khan hypocrites and big spenders hardly caring the masses.
Anchors Arshad Sharif and Rauf Kalasra rightly showed mirror to Khan in their talk shows. Pak Destiny


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