PTI’s decline in popularity, thanks to Imran Khan’s marriage timing

By Kiran Bokhari

Islamabad (Pakdestiny) The poor performance of the PTI in Punjab in cantonment boards elections show that Imran Khan’s popularity graph has come down after his marriage and its timing.

This was the first occasion after Khan’s marriage with Reham Khan to see the popularity graph of the PTI. And in this test, it has been clear that Imran Khan has lost his fans in quite a huge number.
His fans especially women were not happy over his marriage at times when he was motivating the whole nation to join his struggle to make ‘New Pakistan’. But his container protest ended in marriage instead.
On top of that his marriage timing was ‘unforgivable’. Taliban had brutally killed our 140 children (of APC Peshawar) and Imran Khan even did not wait for its chaleeswan (40th day). The victims families literally cursed him for rushing to marry while the blood of the children not dried.
The people in vast majority too did not like the timing of his marriage. And now Mr Khan would have seen that the people had not forgiven him yet over this.
Khan must apologize from the victims’ families in particular and the nation in general for the timing of his marriage to compensate his grave mistake. Pak Destiny

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