Qadri’s arrest plan dropped because of fear of dozen of casualties

By Moniba Ali

(Pak Destiny) The PML-N government has been advised not to try to arrest Dr Tahirul Qadri as it may cause dozens of casualties.
Highly placed sources told Pak Destiny that the Punjab government had planned to arrest Qadri yesterday night but on the reports of intelligence agencies the government changed its mind last minute.
According to intelligence reports, there would be bloodshed in case the police commandos tried to arrest Qadri from his residence in Model Town. Dozens of people may lose their lives if the police tried to break into his house as his supporters in large number have been deployed there to protect the life of their leader and put up strong resistance.
The government acting on the intelligence reports took a ‘wise’ decision and withdrew its plan for the time being. Pak Destiny

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