Rauf to face more trouble in Leena ‘sex assault’ charges

Islamabad, Aug 16 (www.pakdestiny.com) Poor Asad Rauf may be stripped of the ICC elite panel after Indian model Leena Kapoor’s allegation that he had ‘sexually assaulted’ her.
He may face more trouble as the Indian police (Versova police station) has started inquiry into the allegations and he will soon be quizzed. “I am sexually abused by umpire Asad Rauf on several occasions in Sri Lanka and India in this year. He had promised to marry me and now he is denying relations with me,” she said.

Leena says she will not only take Rauf to court but also follow him wherever he goes for umpiring.

The people close to Rauf’s friends say that Leena exposed her relationship with Rauf on the direction of the Indian intelligence agency to embarrass Pakistan. “It was a ploy and he was trapped”.

“Pakistanis are like this,” the Indian intelligence agency wanted to prove this and now through Asad-Leena episode it is a potential case in this regard is at hand. They say Rauf have avioded having such kind of pictures with Leena if he was only interested in ‘physical’ relationship. “Now he should bravely admit the relationship like a man,” they suggest to him.

On the other hand, Asad Rauf says he has not committed any crime. Rauf, 56, married with two children, further clarified that he neither promised to marry Leena nor giving a house. Not denying her pictures with Leena he says: “I am a known person and my fans used to have pictures with me,” he says but he must be joking, these are not the ‘fan’s photos with him’. (www.pakdestiny.com)

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