Reham declares war on fellow anchors in her first ‘post-divorce’ talk show at Neo TV

By Iram Salim

( Ex-wife of Imran Khan and anchor Reham Khan has declared a war against some anchors who had done programs against her on the occasion of her divorce.
Top of her hit list were Arif Nazami, Mubashir Lucman, Ghulam Hussain and Kamran Shahid.
In her first talk show at Neo TV on Monday she made a good effort to get rating by lashing out at these four.
She trivialised fellow anchors, presented herself an innocent woman of the world, called Pakistan a country of male-dominant society, predicted that Pakistan would never progress if men continue treating women low.
She also described as how she was not allowed to do what she wanted to do because of hostile environment in Pakistan.
Reham belittled Nazami calling him a ‘small time journalist’ while she named the program of Lucman as ‘Khera jhoot’.
Nazami and Lucman are good at settling scores. It will be interesting to see these anchors responding to her in their style. Reham says she is ready to face onslaught from them.

Watch Reham’s fist post-divorce talk show on Neo

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