Reham Khan discovers her love for PML-N, says the Sharifs’ party will be winner of 2018 polls

reham khan love for pmln
By Iram Salim

(Pak Destiny) Reham Khan, former wife of PTI chairman Imran Khan, has shown her love for PML-N and predicted its outright victory in 2018 election.

In an interview with anchor Sohail Warriach she said she does not see a chance of PTI victory in 2018 election. “I think PML-N easily win 2018 election. PTI has no chance,” she said.
Was it her prediction or tilt towards the PML-N or her hatred towards the Imran Khan’s PTI? One can guess well.

“I think PML-N easily win 2018 election. PTI has no chance,”

She is embittered because of her divorce and it is understandable. The PML-N camp may try to use her against Khan and PTI before the 2018 election. So she needs to be cautious about this. In her hatred against Imran she should not allow the PML-N to use her.
Reham’s love with PML-N may earn her more criticism from PTI. She should be careful in speaking out her mind in this regard in public. – Pak Destiny


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