Imran forcing Reham to quit ‘talk show career’

By Iram Salim

Islamabad (Pak Destiny) The domestic issue surfaced between the newly couple – PTI chairman Imran Khan an DawnNews anchor Reham Khan – on Ms Khan’s continuing her talk show.
“Imran has categorically told Reham to quit TV channel career (for the time being at least) as he cannot afford his wife hosting a talk show that does not match her stature after becoming his wife,” a friend of Imran Khan told Pak Destiny. He said Reham is keen to continue her talk show (Infocus with Reham Khan on DawnNews) but she is likely to give in to the pressure of his second hubby.
“Although Reham protested on Khan’s pressure to quit journalism but she is not happy to call it the day as journalism has become her passion.”
Since her rating is on top after she broke the news of her marriage with Imran, she has offers from upcoming BOL TV and leading channel GEO but she is helpless in the face of Khan’s wish. Pak Destiny

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