Return of ‘greedy’ anchors

By Iram Salim

Islamabad (Pakdestiny) There has been a strong call from all quarters on social media to grill the BOL-tainted anchors who despite knowing about the black money of the Axact ran after their greed and collected millions of rupees.

There has been a demand from these anchors to give the ‘haram kamai’ (ill-gotten money) in charity or return it to Axact owner Shoiab Sheikh. There has also been a demand to investigate the BOL anchors for their willfully joining the channel to give a cover up to the corruption of the Axact and its owners.
Gulraz writes on social media: “It is so sad to see Azhar Abass, Kamran Khan and Iftikhar Ahmed not resigning from Geo when they were tagged in article 6. Mr Azhar who is known as a game changer did it to Geo English when he was working in Dawn News. Mr Azhar backed off from his commitment to 2,200 employees leaving them in danger and they have lost the hope to trust seniors. Kamran Khan who we all know how he got his 32,000 investigative stories. Well every night you did a program in Geo it felt Zardari government was going to fall next morning but you kept making a fool out of the people watching your sensationalized program. Mr Iftikhar journalist commuinty rated you high but you turned out to be a disappointment.”
“Nusrat Javed should better do something else instead of preaching on any other channel. Asma Sherazi, I don’t want to even talk about your professionalism as I have not worked with you but what a shame. Do all of you realize that when you need working class you show them the green and put a big picture to lure them in working for them, get friendly with them but when the time comes to support or stand with the working class. You behave like chicken without wings. Stranded and baffled.
I would suggest my friends specially the working class journos to stick around each other. Together we stand and divided we fall. I would also suggest that you know the black sheep’s and don’t fall for their word or trust them ever.”
He demanded all the BOL greedy anchors who made millions working for BOL now are speaking of morality and conscious. – Pak Destiny


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