The biggest political party of Pakistan and its little demands

By Fayyaz Butt

(Pak Destiny) In very normal practice, whenever we offer a job to some body, what we want to know about him? Has he any previous experience with reference to the job under consideration? Has he got any success in the scope of work which we are going to offer him? What he would cost us? What are threats to us if we appoint him?

If answers of these questions are positive, we don’t bother to offer him the position. Every position demands some powers with responsibilities. So, we empower him and be hopeful for his success.
The political party thinks that it is the real claimant of Foreign, Defence and Interior ministries of the central government. So, whoever may be the ruler of Pakistan these ministries are its right.

Question arises why a ruling party sacrifices these ministries. Representatives of the biggest party address this question that it is only us who had the experience of these ministries. We did qualify all the criteria as mentioned above with reference to scope of work.


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