Russia set to win Ukraine war and PM Khan’s shaking hands with Putin — many questions remain unanswered

Russia set to win Ukraine war and PM Khan's shaking hands with Putin  -- many questions remain unanswered

By Raza Ruman

Poor Ukraine banking on Europe and the US in it’s fight against Russia and in the end none of them came for it’s rescue.

    Although no one is justifying Russia’s invasion of Ukraine but no powerful country of the west dares to challenge Putin.    Russian President Vladimir Putin has produced a long list of reasons why he made the decision to launch a full-scale attack on a neighbouring country, but none holds up to any real scrutiny.

    Putin has calculated that the gains from his actions will outweigh the costs that Russia will have to bear. History’s verdict may take a while to be rendered but the international community’s is already out. By an overwhelming majority, nations across the world have criticised Russia’s invasion and called for the hostilities to cease immediately.

     Ukraine should never have trusted Biden’s America. Now Putin who is intoxicated by power is unlikely to heed that call as his forces close around the Ukrainian capital Kyiv.

     Ukrainian military is valiantly defending its country but going to face defeat at the hands of the far superior and larger Russian army.

  PM Khan should not have gone to Putin’s Russia

     In this bad state of affairs, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s visit to Moscow has come under scrutiny.

    The timing and optics of Khan’s visit were not appropriate…one wonders who is the adviser of this government…even the establishment did not stop him.

    There were voices in Pakistan and abroad asking that Khan should postpone the visit because it would have an adverse impact on Pakistan’s relationship with the US and European nations in the face of Russia’s attack of Ukraine.

     Pakistan cannot afford to be bracketed in the Russian camp at a time when global politics is once again reverting to blocs. It is in Pakistan’s interests to remain neutral and stay away from getting sucked into Great Power rivalry.

   Pakistan needs to carefully tread on the path of foreign relationing. PAK DESTINY

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